06 June 2012

Goldfinger - a criminal story

Chapter 1
In the city Montiano, the state of Minnesota. I (Jane) lived with my brother Scott. We worked for the Criminal Catching Company to find criminals and bring them to the station.
One day, when we were having a night-walk, we came across a sign: "PERSON WANTED".

Goldfinger was a famous robber and pick-pocket. Very skillful and very fast. He could steal your wallet without you knowing in a blink of an eye.
"Maybe we should work on this case," said Scott.
"Yeah. Maybe…" I considered.
"He won't go that far. Motiano's a big city," said Scott. I agreed.                                                     

Chapter 2 - Signing in

At work, the next day, Thursday, Scott and I went to our boss, Jake's office.

"Have you heard of Goldfinger appeared in Montiano?" Scott asked.

"Sure did!" exclaimed Jake.

"So… we're wondering if we can work on the case…" I said nervously.

"Top detectives, good at spying… of course!" He gave Scott a few pictures of Goldfinger.

"So we start next week?"


Chapter 3 - Robbed

A week passed. It was time for me and Scott to start our super -detective working! First of all, we needed a helicopter. We phoned the helicopter service.

"We'd like a helicopter for sometime!" ordered Scott.

"Shall be ready in two days," replied the helicopter manager. 

Next, we needed two very good high - tech binocular kits. I told my friend, Maria, to buy them for me.

In two days, we were ready. We took off at 5 pm, the time when people usually go out. We scanned up the photographs of Goldfinger into our high-tech binoculars.

"It'll be easier to spot Goldfinger like this!" exclaimed Scott.

"Let's see…" I muttered, looking through my binoculars…

Five hours later, we were still on the helicopter.

"I can't see him anywhere!" said Scott.

I scanned the ground with my sharp eyes.

"He should be somewhere in the middle of the city where there are lots of tall buildings and shopping centers," I murmured.

We landed just like my suggestion… It was twelve o'clock and we were really tired, our binoculars drooping on our necks.

"Let's go find a hotel,' suggested the helicopter pilot (Jaidan).

"Come on" motioned Scott to me. We walked across the empty streets, searching for a hotel… 

Suddenly, at the corner of a street, a shadow (of a man) slithered across the wall.

"Shhhshhh!" I whispered. I motioned them to come with me. 
We followed the shadow down the street until it stopped moving and there was candle-light. And there, standing, was a tall man, giving a wallet to a beggar man.

" Thank you, my dear," croaked the beggar man holding the wallet in his shaky hands.

" Hey, I know that wallet! It looks so familiar," I whispered. Then I realized that it was my own. I fiddled with my pocket to where my wallet was supposed to be. But it was empty.

"There is only one person who could do this… then that's..." I muttered . "Goldfinger."

Chapter 4 - Followed
"Now that we've seen him, we should follow him, whispered Scott. We followed Goldfinger down the street. Suddenly, he wheeled around and glared at us… We snatched up our binoculars and pulled them to the level of our eyes. We started to speak in French, pretending to be tourists.
"Oh! Que c'est beau!" squealed Jane, which meant "Oh! It's so beautiful!".
"Oui, magnifique!" said Scott, which meant "Yes, marvelous!"
He looked away form us but as I pulled down my binoculars just an inch, I could see that out of the corner of his eyes, he was still following us with his eyes, giving suspicious looks.
We scrambled to the nearest corner, and waited behind it, watching Goldfinger carefully.

Goldfinger walled across a few blocks and went into a very big house. We followed him there and then. We realised that it was a five stars hotel called "The Golden Star".
We had no choice, we had to go in to keep watch. We entered it. It was empty except for Goldfinger, who wore dark eyeglasses, standing and talking in the reception and after five minutes, Gold finger disappeared in the elevator and we went to the reception. 

"Can you tell us what room that man checked in?" asked Scott. 

"Room number 365," the receptionist replied.
"Is there any other spare room next to it?" I asked impatiently. 

"The only spare room on the corridor in room number 370. Is that OK with you?" 

I looked at the others. They all nodded.

Chapter 5 - The real work begins

When we were in the room, Scott announced "We must have watch-outs at night. Each turn is two hours - the door must be cracked - open. Every now and then you must look through the crack to see if there are any weird things from room 365. If there is anything wake the others up… Is that clear? Jaidan and I nodded.

The first two hours was for Scott, then Jaidan, then me. Nothing happened on Scott's turn, but on Jaidan's turn, he woke us up at 3:00am.

"Goldfinger got out of his room, he looked around but he didn't notice me watching him from the crack. He pick locked room 367 and now, he's still in the room," reported Jaidan. 

"Very good, Jaidan." Said Scott. The three of us stood at the door, waiting, looking through the little crack.

Finally, Goldfinger appeared in 367's entrance, clutching a box over-flowing with jewelry and a car key.

"Wow!" said Jaidan " If I was a robber, I wouldn't be that clever," he admitted. Scott mumbled thoughtfully. " Let's find out what he'll do next." 

My Diary

Monday: I called the police headquarters about our collected information. Goldfinger stole a set of valuable portraits from room 369.

Tuesday: The police headquarters will send some policemen to "Golden Star" to catch Goldfinger. He stole two bulging wallets from room 362.

Wednesday: Goldfinger stole three fur cloaks from room 366.

" I want a rest." Yawned a policeman. He stood up and walked to the bed. 

Suddenly, there was a clicking noise from outside. The policeman walked back to the crack. The world held its breath. There wasn't a single sound. 

Goldfinger stepped out of his room and crept to room 364. He opened the lock with some wires, and sneaked inside…

" You!!" Scott directed policemen No 1, No 2 and No 3 ." Where are your guns?" No 1, No 2 and No 3 showed him their guns.

" You three will be stationed outside room 364. And you," Scott directed, pointing to No 4, " You will come with me with the handcuffs. 

Jane, when Goldfinger comes out, you will break the burglar alarm. No 5, No 6, you will guard room No 365, just in case. 

And the rest of you will wait at the end of the corridors. When Goldfinger comes out, you will charge at him. Is that clear?" Everyone nodded. 

" And Jaidan, you will help Jane when she needs you." Jaidan nodded.

" Come on !" I motioned them to the door. Everyone got into position. Suddenly, the door burst open , and a fat man came running out, followed by a woman. They were shrieking their lungs out. 

" We've been robbed!" screamed the man. "My car key, my wallet! They all gone!" 

"My jewelries, my diamond rings! I was just asleep a few minutes ago and now, they're not there anymore!" squealed the woman. 

"Help me…" she pleaded, kneeling before No 5.

"Shh!!!" Jaidan whispered. The lady stopped whining. 

"No 6; 7; 8, come with me." Scott ordered quietly. 

"Jaidan, you, No 4 and No 5 will go to our room, just un case he comes through the window."

Scott and the other three policemen went inside room 364. They checked every single room and every single cupboard and drawer… There was no one. Then they felt a soft sneeze. They realized that is was the window. They walked towards it. There, sitting in the window ledge was a piece of paper. It read:

After reading the note, Scott's face turned bright red… The note flew with the wind and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

"Damn it!!!" Scott screamed. "Now we've lost him!"

There was a soft snicker from the far end of the room, growing louder and louder. Stepping out from the darkness, was Goldfinger, holding two guns and one hanging from his belt. 

No 6; 7 and 8 reached down for their guns but there was nothing. Goldfinger had taken them. His face twisted into an ugly grin.

"So you thought that I'd go?" grinned Goldfinger "Never! You're one stupid idiot. Can't you even think?"

Scott lunged for him but Goldfinger dodged and slid to the door. "Not so fast, Goldfinger!" I said as I appeared in the doorway, armed with four policemen and Jaidan. I broke the burglar alarm. The noise wailed through the hotel. Hotel guards ran in, holding their guns. While stunned of what was happening, Goldfinger froze. 

Jaidan and I took our chances. Jaidan head locked him with his powerful arms while I shook of all the guns from his body. 

Policeman No 4 took a pair of handcuffs and locked them on Goldfinger's hands…. 

I called the Criminal squad to come to the Golden Star hotel since we caught Goldfinger. It arrived in no time at all.

Chapter 6

Goldfinger was arrested and sent to jail for ten years. The night after the day Goldfinger was arrested, the Criminal squad had a party, congratulating Jaidan, Scott, me and the other policemen. From that day on, no one was scared of being robbed by Goldfinger ever again.

 The End
                                                 Written by Emma Le (10 years)

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