08 June 2012

Poem 6 - If I could dance with Dinosaurs

If I could dance with dinosaurs

 I'd choose the BrontoSAURus,

'Cuz if we did the tap dance 

I think no one could ignore us.

And if I had a partner who was called TyrannoSAURus, 
Not even classical ballet could ever start to bore us.

Then I would dance on Broadway with the nimble StegoSAURus;
And TeraDACtyls could be asked to come and join the chorus.

Or I could win a contest with the dainty AlloSAURus,
And though the judge might be against us, all the kids are for us.

I could dance in Rockefeller's garden with DiPLODocus,
But he might eat it up and then they would make a lot of fuss!

Or I could dance down Main Street with one we call TriCERatops,
Right up 'til we both got tickets from a tough young pair o' cops

I would dance in Central park with my old friend IGUANodon,
Far into the starry night 'till moonlight and the dawn are gone.

I would fly across the sky with feathered ArchaeOPteryx (ar-key-OP-ter-ix),
And the sight of us would make a mother robin drop 'er sticks.

But if some giant alligators came into the city
And went downtown to City Hall and made them beg for pity,

And frightened all the people, from janitors to judges,
And threatened to take over due to alligator grudges;

Then I'd call up all the dinosaurs and ask them to come down,
And have a dino-gator match in the middle of the town.

Then alligator claws would clash while scales and teeth go flying
And clouds of dust would hide the fight so no one knows who's crying.

But then the dust would settle down and all the noise would silence,
And beaten alligators would just sit there in defiance.

Then the mighty dinosaurs would put the gators in the zoo
Where you could go and visit them so they could stare at you.

I'd dance all day and sleep all night with mighty GorgoSAURus.
We'd dance so hard and be so tired no one could out-snore us.

For breakfast all the dinosaurs and I would eat a waffle.
I think dancing without dinosaurs truly would be  awful.   

Written and Illustrated by Adrienne Foster Potter
 From kidsread.net

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