07 June 2012

Lost in Zupire - a horrible story

Ah! What a wonderful Morning! The sun was shining through the window, the curtains were fluttering slightly in the summer breeze and the birds outside were tweerping and chirping loudly and cheerfully.

It was the 19/5/4000. Today was one of the most special days of my life, my birthday. I wonder what presents I’ll be getting, I wondered, sitting up in bed. 

Maybe a super-soaker? A jet plane? Nah, I got those in my other lives already. A boom boom basher? Maybe not. The thing is, I’ve been reincarnated six times already since the year 2022…and I still remember everything, well, almost everything.

“ Claire! Come down and eat your breakfast. I made your favourite one!”, Mom called from downstairs.
“ It’s still very hot and yummy!”
The sweet smell of pancakes wafted upstairs! Yum! My tummy’s rumbling already! I ran down the stairs, almost tripping over Tiger, our cat. 

Tiger looked at me, even though he wasn’t an albino, his eyes had the color of blood, a deep dark red. 

A flash of white were in the depths of his eyes, or was I too excited about my birthday so maybe I was seeing things? I guess my were playing tricks on me again, they always do…

That morning, I ate a wonderful heap of pancakes topped with maple syrup. Wow!!! That was incredible.

Later on, I had a cup of cool milk. I was full now, so I went up to my bedroom to play some games. But waiting for me by the bedroom door…was Tiger. His tail was standing on its end. His ears were pricked up. Then he scratched my bedroom door.

“ Hey don’t do that Tiger!”, I scowled : You’ll leave marks!” But he didn’t care. In fact, he growled and meowed to the rhythm of his scratches. Growls from inside answered his calls.
“ Stop it, or I’ll…” but I didn’t have time to say it. Suddenly everything stopped in the middle of its tracks, even TIME! The only things that didn’t stop was my brain, my heart, my eyes, Tiger and the bedroom door.
Tiger gave a soft shove to the door and it swung inwards, revealing…blackness, totally blackness.
“ Strange,” I wondered for a split second ,“ It’s morning and the windows were open. How come it’s like this?” In that split second that I stood thinking, Tiger lunged and pushed me inwards, into the dark world that lay beyond. “Tiger, you horrid thing!” I muttered (well, it was louder than a mutter). Ouch….
Now, the place wasn’t so dark anymore, because light bulbs were coming closer to me, or were their eyes closing in on me? 

The lights flickered, two at a time, the two that were closest to each other. Then I heard the soft swish of fur on a rough surface. I staggered backwards hoping to be a able to get out of the room. But as I felt for the door handle, there was nothing, instead, I touched a soft head that I recognized.
“Tiger!” I gasped, “ Why did you put me into this mess?”
Tiger whimpered softly, then stared to meow “ Claire, you don’t remember every single thing in your past lives do you?” Wow, I understood cat language!
“ I don’t think why not, of course I can’t remember every single detail of my past lives, why do you ask?” I answered.
“ I don’t suppose you remember  Zupire from you last life, do you?” yowled Tiger.

ZUPIRE? Any but Zupire! It was the worst place you could ever go to. It was my nightmare. Stories told about it were most frightening! Why oh why did I have to end up here of all other places??? All mine was GGOONNEE!!!! Gone…
Somewhere, in the background of all this commotion, a dim but true light flickered on, tow lights… then followed by 3 lights. A castle took shape. On the top was a tattered flag with a ghost painted on it. 

I ran full speed to the castle then locked myself in! My, that was terrifying! All of a sudden, a howling sound echoed from above. “Help me! Help me!” the sound cried. It seemed like an animal cry, no, too human to be an animal.

“ At least I’ll get some company!” I thought and ran towards the sound…slipped and fell. Ouch! Then I realized that I have tripped over a rope that looked as if it was supposed to be there all the time!!! The howling sound stopped, in its place, a shadowy figure slid across the wall, heading towards me.
Then it took shape. A human it was, but more than a human, but more than a human…it was a vampire with bloody teeth; bloody fingernails and to match – a bloody nose. 

“ I’ll keep you company!” said the vampire and bit me…hard on the neck. The world around was becoming duller and darker, color was draining from everything that I saw. I’m dying, I thought. 
When I thought that I was dying, blurrily, I saw a hideous 3 eyed monster with 5 hands and 6 toes lumber towards me; took hold of my thigh and yanked my knee apart. Only I didn’t feel any pain. After that, a Cyclops bit off my foot! 

Blood oozed from my body. My body looked horribly disgusting! I felt a soft breeze. Ha, this may be the last breeze that I will ever be feeling. Then I felt a tug at my arm and I was falling down to my…
_Ring ding dong Ring ding dong Digiding digiding ding ding (x2)!!!!!_
I woke up sweating and panting. The alarm clock was ring the 'Ring Ding Dong' song. Even though the song's compositor had died a long time ago, it never got old.
What a relief that everything happened just to be a dream…no, a nightmare you should call it. I wouldn’t have survived it if it was real. ‘REAL’. The word gave me goose bumps. I’ve never been so scared before. 
Today, it was my birthday, it was a sunny morning with all the birds and the wind. My mom also turned out to call me down for breakfast. I had pancakes! What a delight. I went upstairs. It’s just like my dream, I considered.

And then... I saw it. Tiger, was scratching on my bedroom door, he was furiously yowling towards the rhythmic beats. Even more ferocious than in my nightmare. And from inside, a sound answered his call...

The End

Written by Emma Le  (11 years)

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